ScrumMaster Begins. And thinks about BatMan. -- Cartoon -- June 25, 2007

Welcome back to another week at
So I do not know if you know that I realized that we did not have a comic strip posted last week. This was by design.
And, it can happen in real life!

Sometimes the ScrumMaster stops working with the team. To go learn some new things. While I was “gone” — i did send information as I learned it. Both the good and bad.

So, while, in reality I have spent last week in Kyiv and this week I will be in Hungary…. I want to take this week to introduce the first of a three part series.

This is something that has been eating at me (bugging the heck out of me) (keeping me up at night) (worrying about) (etc.)……..

Unbeknownst to the Scrum Team in this cartoon, our ScrumMaster has quietly faded from the team room in order to go get some help.

Along the way, the people he went to get more help kept telling him to go to other places.

Eventually, our intrepid ScrumMaster wound up at a very unusual place — both physically and in his own personal and professional life.

Knowing he had only one question to ask of the one who knows all, he started to feel a bit of pressure.

One question.




The pressure is on.

What question will he ask?

Got it.

And we will address it next week!

Gotta run….

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June 25, 2007
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