Bond. Chicken Bond. In a Convertible. -- Cartoon -- October 1, 2007

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So there are a few different ways a Scrum Team can get started.This week, we examine what is called the “Top Down” approach.Just from the words used to describe this approach makes me feel a little queazy (sick to my stomach).Why?It invokes thoughts of command-and-control organizations, something that has a tough time implementing Scrum — or any new framework / methodology / whatever within their organization.

When the top level “CxO” (“x” can = “Executive” or “Technical” or “Financial” or whatever bigwigs like as their titles) comes up with these great ideas and wants to “push” it down to the people that work for them, a lot of the times the people actually doing the work roll their eyes and think, “Oh, another change of the week.”

And suck it up.


Do it.

Only to the point where things do not break.


They stay under the radar and do not rock the boat.


Are not really productive with this Scrum stuff that is being shoved down their throats.


We have seen this before (in this series of cartoons, you may want to look at the, “You Suck. And Somebody is Sad” entry.


It happens way too often.


There is usually a very large mushroom cloud going off somewhere in the organization.


Some other “fad” gets brought in to clean up the mess of the last one.

Rinse and Repeat.


Frustrating, huh?

I think you can see if you are in an organization that is rolling out Scrum in this fashion….

[political correctness off]

You are screwed.

[political correctness on]


What can you do besides look for another job?

See if you can help actually make it work.


That will be what the next cartoon in this series will address.

Until then, remember.

All is not lost!


Gotta run!.Please send comments, questions, criticisms, ideas, or whatever here.

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October 1, 2007
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  1. Sergey says

    “So there are a few different ways a Scum Team can get started.”

    Scum team, really? I’m kidding, I understand it’s just a typo :)

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