Combo. Packing. -- Cartoon -- October 30, 2007

Refactoring. One Down. Seventeen to go.

Hi all, Alas, my first refactoring of the “Original Chicken and Pig” story is completed. As a test for me, can you please click on this link and see how it works in your browser? The end goal of this refactoring exercise is to integrate the original 18 postings into this new blogging system for […]

Refactoring. An engineering practice? In Scrum. O My.

Hi again (from Kyiv, day one of the class is over and 23 people are in attendance!) In my last posting to you, I mentioned that Tony (the artist) would not be able to contribute this week due to other circumstances. Think about it. This kind of thing happens on “real” Scrum Teams. So, I […]

Moscow & Kyiv. October 15-20.

October 15-20, 2007 [warning on: this is a long post — I was without email access most of last week] Hi all. I am writing this on Saturday evening in my hotel room (it will not go out until Monday evening when I get back on the grid in Kyiv). A loud bang just went […]

Moscow & Kyiv.

Hi all. Just wanted to let you know that I will be in Moscow teaching a CSM Workshop this Thursday and Friday (October 18-19), and am planning on staying in Moscow over the weekend. So if you are interested in meeting or attending the workshop, please let me know. On Tuesday and Wednesday next week, […]

The Good. The Bad. The Ugly. -- Cartoon -- October 15, 2007

Having a Life. -- Cartoon -- October 8, 2007

Spain — Interest?

Hi, If there is anyone reading this from Spain (Madrid, Valencia, or Alicante) and is interested in getting together sometime over the next few weeks please contact me! I am always interested in meeting local people when I travel. If you are not from Spain (or… err…. you do not want to meet with me), […]