Refactoring. An engineering practice? In Scrum. O My.

Hi again (from Kyiv, day one of the class is over and 23 people are in attendance!)

In my last posting to you, I mentioned that Tony (the artist) would not be able to contribute this week due to other circumstances.

Think about it.

This kind of thing happens on “real” Scrum Teams.

So, I am taking the “Failure Bow” now (really… am sitting here doing that in my hotel room)…


I will turn this into a positive experience for everyone here.

This week — I am going to take a practice from XP (eXtreme Programming) and refactor some of my earlier writings.

Why am I doing this?

Since we started this site over a year ago, many new people have signed-up to read the blog on a weekly basis (thank you). Some of the “old” material will be new to some of you. For some of you who have been with me “since the beginning” — this should be some good refresher for you (smile).

I will update some of the “old” postings to reflect new information (and links to “future” writings) and thoughts on the topics. Inspect and Adapt.

As a “technical” aside… the first 18 (to be exact lol) of my writings were done on static pages before the site turned into a “true” blogging platform (only to be updated once again a few months ago). This has continued to bug me a bit and makes some of the code on the back end a bit unmanageable.


I have some time to make the updates now (it has been on my product backlog for a while) and will do it. Nothing should change from an “end user” — or your — perspective based on technical bla bla in the background.

Real life stuff we all face on projects anyway.

Might as well show you — by example here — how things are done in the real world, as this is part of my real world.

I hope you enjoy the results and get some real value from it.� Because in the end THAT is really what matters.
As usual, let me know what you think!

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