Tattoo. Not Toto (Wizard of Oz). Still Scrum. Shaken. Not Stirred. -- Cartoon -- May 29, 2008

Welcome back to yet another week at


So what was I talking about a few nights ago with the cartoon posting above?

It really truly is not politically correct.

In no sense of any being.


It is HIlarious to me.

Because it can help me make a point.

Actually tonight, eight points.

Eight Points.

Just for you.

How is that for a Thursday night or Friday morning?


Think about it this way.

You are arriving on “Fantasy Island” if you think…

1) You can stock the Product Backlog without a Product Owner present during Planning Poker

2) The definition of “Done” is not important to anyone

3) BurnDown Charts are useless, actually more useless of tracking tasks

4) The CSM Workshop is a waste of your time

5) You can pronounce the last name for


(c’mon Fantasy Island Buffs (or OK… is there even a “buff” reading this?))

6) Documentation is not needed on any agile projects

7) Scrum is a Silver Bullet

8) You can get a date with the “Hot” ScrumMaster replacement (smile) or Jessica Alba or with some hot babe with her Bottom Up.

9) This cartoon is about SCUBA Diving [strangely enough this is one of the most downloaded cartoon on this site)

…. OK.

Enough for now.


I can go on for a while.

But I think you get the picture.

What have I missed?


Do you see where you can spend a lot of time on Fantasy Island?

Do you want to leave it?



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May 29, 2008
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