Feedback Requested: Online Video or Audio Chats about Scrum?


Quick question for all my regular subscribers…

Would you be interested in an “online” video or audio chat session about Scrum on some type of regular schedule?

We could do it many ways… Predetermined topics, random thoughts, maybe even on topic about the cartoon of the week (or some in the past)…. whatever….

Before I spend any time researching it more, I’d love to hear if this is of interest from YOU first (smile).

Let me know. Please!

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Thank you.

– mike vizdos

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  1. says

    Yes, audio would be great. I get most of my audio information via podcasts, so an RSS feeds would be helpful.

    Personally I have very little time to sit down and watch a video. I use my audio podcasts during flights and drive time.

    Thanks for asking!

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