CNN iReporter. Me. Wahoo! Stir it Up. Scrum.

Hi, Well this evening I put out a posting on CNN’s site where they do this iReporter stuff. The posting of course had our intrepid Chicken and Pig with the Lipstick. Remember the point is that politics aside (I could care less) the analogy of the lipstick and the pig represents the fact that people […]

One Brave Soul Needed. Just One.

… and I promise you do not have to sell it to the Devil. Just loan it to me. Mike Vizdos. Clearly not the Devil :). What do I need? I’d like to actually interview a person (via phone or in person if I am near) who would like to talk about a troubling problem […]

Testing a post via iPhone AND…

Hi all, I am testing a quick blog entry via my iPhone for a few reasons. First, of course, is to see if this thing works. Second. If you have not recently transitioned over to the new email system please go to do so with your current email. If you start getting duplicates kill […]