ESPN Caves to Scrum.

Hi all. Thought this was interesting: Kind of makes into a conspiracy theory. Not really. But fun to think about. Maybe not. :). – mike vizdos

YOU ROCK! Chicken Soup. Scrum Style.

Last night I posted the first “new” comic strip since falling into a “work mode” that sucked a lot of my time and energy from keeping to my regular schedule.  With some trepidation I released a new comic strip yesterday and I need to say a sincere “Thank you” for the great comments so far! […]

Oops. I Messed Up. Here is the Fix.

Hi, This is in regards to your “old” email subscription at at via FeedBurner.  If you are subscribed via an RSS Feed, this does not impact you. I first want to apologize to people who were subscribed via email using my old service at FeedBurner and who subscribed to the new service at  […]

Update from Mike Vizdos. Hump Day. Late.

Hi all, Wow.  First, let me continue to apologize for NOT getting the comic strip out to out on a normal basis. Life.  Taking over a bit right now. They will continue. And. I am learning a ton right now working with new clients.  Much of that will become future fodder for the site and […]