2009 Plans. ImplementingScrum and Michael Vizdos.

Hi all.

I need your help.

Actually… my plans for 2009 depend on your input.


Imagine a blank sheet of paper in front of you.

I am doing that now.  Actually, it has been blank for a little while.

I am in analysis paralysis.


Here is what I need from you….

My goal for 2009 is to show how Scrum works in the real world using a creative manner with real world people.

What would you do?

Zero constraints.

Well.  One.

I am going to use Scrum to implement whatever I do.

I have some ideas brewing.  Which I will share in this comment thread in a bit.

I’d like to hear your ideas.

Blank sheet of paper.

Go :).

Please put your ideas in the comment section on this blog entry.

And spread the word about this for me.

My 2009 depends on it (smile).

In advance, let me say a sincere, “Thank you.”

And let’s see where it leads me…. Or us as a community.

– mike vizdos

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  1. Victor Hernandez says

    Hey Mike!

    I hope I understand this correctly – using Scrum in the real world vs not only in software development, correct?

    We use it for home projects; to manage our house workload on a per-week basis; for personal projects (for example, fine art; I love to paint); and I plan to use Scrum as the framework for homeschooling my 6 year old next year (as you are already doing?).

    Hopefully I understood the request correctly ;-).



  2. says

    Mike, I recently read one of the Head First books and thought that it would be really, really cool if there was a Head First book on Scrum or even Agile development.

    The format of the Head First book would really lend itself to the type of conversation that people would go through as they try and understand how agile development has certain recommended practices. Plus it would be a way to include your comic strip characters as well :)

    Good luck and I hope this has not derailed your 2009 search mission.

  3. Olga says

    Michael, in 2009, could you please show how Scrum works in the new media agency? We are having issues with braking away from the traditional ways of creating wireframes -> getting signoff, creating mockups -> getting signoff, developing a microsite -> handing it off. One of the reasons is because the timelines are usually short as they are. Another reason is client education. And finally, just switching gears internally and instead of doing two revisions on wireframes and mockups, doing revisions weekly on a functioning code, with look and feel on it, architected based on our knowledge…

  4. says

    Hey ho Mike!
    That’s a great idea, to show how scrum works in our daily life. I really think that cartoons plays a great role on this concern, as they make it easier to remember what was intended to be taught. Maybe the cartoons shouldn’t be only 3 blocs, but a small “history” explaining the whole situation. Hope it brings some ideas up :-)

  5. says

    Play like kids. When we were kids, we use Scrum to build things with our mecanos. Why we forgot it?

    Two excersices (maybe two teams, I don’t know) and a task: build something with the mecano or the lego.
    First excersive: do detailed especification (act as a the user: help them to build the detailed especification… and go hide), do design, forecast effort, do a gantt, assign the gant task. Go. You, as the ‘final user’ come again at the end.

    The second: write the backlog of characteristics and desiderable things the building (or something) has to have. Act a product owner and a scrum master, so be involved in the whole process. Let them start to build the building as soon as they feel they can. Let them explore, play, do design using real pieces as in the iteration 0.

    Be fair: allow the second excersice to use no more effort than the first. Compare the two outcomes.

    If you have two teams, compare the outlook.

  6. Kelly says

    Hi Mike!

    Great idea! I was recently asked about how to apply scrum to process improvement initiatives. As this is a hot topic and can be cumbersome, I think a lot of people would benefit from seeing scrum in this realm. Thanks!

  7. says

    You could do some interviews, show some cases, places where you are driving behavior change, podcasts.

    Other than that, continue with the Scrumtoons, they are awesome!

  8. says

    I need to take a moment to reply to the people who have responded so far for #1-7. Thanks and keep ’em coming.

    YOU will make a difference.


    1) Victor:

    My awesome wife and great kids use Scrum for HomeSchooling and it seems like they are having a blast!

    2) Lyndon:

    Contact me offline to talk about the book idea. Sounds interesting.

    3) Olga:

    Got any clients I can work with on this? It would be awesome as I have worked with a few clients like this with varied success. Let me know!

    4) Daniella:

    How can I expand it? I am not understanding 100%. Help!?!

    5) Improbable:

    Excellent exercise! Thank you.

    6) Kelly:

    Works awesome. Want to collaborate on some of this together?

    7) Daniel:

    I’ll keep plugging along with those! Thank you so much!

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