Scrum – For The People! Zurich Switzerland.

Holy cow…. Just confirmed that I will be teaching a course in Zurich (Switzerland for the geo-challenged) on April 16-17, 2009. It will be an affordable European CSM class in a very unique setting with limited access. Let me know if you are interested… I may not even publicly say where it is located (it […]

Consultants and Scrum. Worry?

Hi all, Wow.  I was going to post the comic strip tonight but wanted to wait just one more day because a few interesting things went on today… I got a TON of feedback from people on both sides of the fence on this one. Now, as a consultant/coach/mentor myself, I do not want to […]

Why Use Consultants and Coaches?

Hi all, The cartoon this week (coming out tomorrow) will examine why the heck almost 100% of the teams implementing scrum today should be using some sort of consulting / coaching / mentoring support. Of course this is written from the point of view of me — who in reality is a consultant, coach, and […]