Why Use Consultants and Coaches?

Hi all,

The cartoon this week (coming out tomorrow) will examine why the heck almost 100% of the teams implementing scrum today should be using some sort of consulting / coaching / mentoring support.

Of course this is written from the point of view of me — who in reality is a consultant, coach, and mentor — who also sees the worst of the worst implementations of Scrum trying to get better.

Tomorrow I will post the actual cartoon. If anyone has to say anything BEFORE the cartoon gets published, please feel free to comment or send me an email.

Thank you.

– mike vizdos

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    Hi Mike,

    As a fellow coach, I hope you are not going to say that all coaching/mentoring is the “worst of the worst”. As a coach, I let teams learn on their own and fail when they need to for the learning experience. If I know that they will fail big, I will try to steer them in the right direction so that they don’t get “burned” badly.

    As an outsider, I can also help in identifying those impediments that others may not see or are afraid to deal with. With the latter, I may be able to help identify ways to remove the impediment as the neutral party.

    However, my goal is to provide feedback and understanding early and often so that they can quickly begin to identify their own improvements and work myself out of the job. With this approach, I believe it can be the “best of the best” implementations so that teams get the support they need early to get started on the right path and accelerate their ability to becoming a self-managed team.

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