ImplementingScrum – Unscripted – Solo Scrum


I started using “Solo Scrum” again. This means that I am playing the three roles all by myself.

What are the three roles?

1) Product Owner
2) Team Member
3) ScrumMaster.

After only one day (Thursday) of using this again, some big things jumped out at me as lessons learned.

Take a look at the video and please provide comments to what you see so far.

Is this kind of thing useful to you? Do you see similar mistakes?

I’ll see if I can make some improvements on Friday and share them with you.

Have an awesome weekend (or welcome to Monday!).

Thank you!

- mike vizdos


  1. John Kinahan says:

    Things that smell wrong:

    1) No tasks in Client Work. With tasks not defined it’s hard to work a Sprint Burndown and know where you are.
    2) You need more team members. In this Video Linda Rising talks about 90 minute Sprints – so if you did four 90 minute Sprints in a day, you could be four people, Product Owner, Scrum Master, and 2 Team Members – lol

  2. Hi, Mike check out the pomodoro technique instead: and

  3. I’ll look it over. Do you use it?

  4. Hi,

    I’m using pomodoro technique, and it’s great !

  5. Would like to learn more about it!

  6. It depends what you would consider “work in progress” in our organization we sometimes have multiple items in WIP for a developer if they are waiting on something from someone else (often feedback from the product owner). We try to minimize that, but do find ourselves in that situation at times.

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