We are so close….

… tell me WHAT will make this experience with the team at implementingscrum.com an awesome and incredible experience for year #4 in our existence. Tell me. Who else will? Thank you. – mike Vizdos

We are approaching Anniversary #3 with ImplementingScrum.com

… please… do me a favor TODAY — NOW — and spread the word about this site to all your friends on twitter, facebook, or within your organization. We have some great things happening in year #4 and I want as many people as possible to take off with me — and you — on […]

So we are getting close to Year #3 closure with the Site — ImplementingScrum.com

Easy Question. What have we all done (me — and you) over the past three years that we can amp up for year #4 of the most awesome site about Scrum on the planet. Please let me know via comments or email directly. Thank you. – mike Vizdos

What is your favorite cartoon on the site – and why?

Hi, By time you read this I am probably off the grid. I’d like your feedback — sincere feedback — as to what your favorite cartoon has been to date — and why. Please direct comments or emails to me about your feedback. I appreciate it. And. I am hopefully off the grid with my […]

Beginning of September, 2009….

Hi all. Just wanted to let you know I am on the road most of the month of September… check out www.michaelvizdos.com/enroll for what is coming. If you know people looking for a class, check out that site. If you want to just get together when I am in town… let me know. I am […]