Agile 2010 – Getting the MOST Value -- Getting the MOST Value out of Agile 2010

Original Posting: March 4, 2008


As many of you know, next week is a HUGE conference in Orlando, Florida.   The comic strip above was created a few years ago when I was speaking at a different conference, but I wanted to re-post it for both the people who ARE and ARE NOT going to the conference.

The original posting addressed seven things I try to do to get the most value out of any conference setting.  I encourage you to review those tips — or see them for the first time — here.

So… first… for those of you NOT going… I will be posting a lot of real time information of my happenings there via twitter (this is really micro-level blogging these days!) and on FaceBook for larger thoughts than just 140 characters.  For those of you who know about hash tags and groups on Twitter and FaceBook… look into  those.

Why is this important if you are NOT going?

You’ll get some great tidbits of information from me and a bunch of other people who will be on the ground there.  Meeting.  Face-to-Face.  Hearing about stuff both inside and outside the Scrum World.  Because this really is important to what we do on a daily basis.


Last week I announced to my e-mail followers that I have listened and will not post much more than new (or re-purposed — like this one) comic strips about Implementing Scrum on this blog.  For those of you interested in following my fun travel exploits (well, I think they are fun… but yeah… outside the scope of this!) and other stuff that I’ll blog about outside of Scrum — head over to and subscribe via email (you’ll see how to do it there!).   I will be adding an RSS Feed there soon, but it is not up yet.

For those of you who WILL be going — or know people who will be going — please review the seven tips here.   Help pass on the word about these tips!

If you have more tips or suggestions — please add them to the comments section of this entry.

I am making the personal investment to head down to the conference to meet people — both new and those who I have not seen in a while.

I am not speaking at this conference.

For me, it is ALL about the networking.  Meeting PEOPLE.  Real People.  Outside of the side of the screen you are reading now!

This is also one of the first postings in a long time on this site, and I know the important thing about this site is the comic strips and how they can help people start tough conversations.

Some of the toughest conversations always need to take place face-to-face.

It does not matter if you are heading to the conference or not… the important thing to reflect on with this comic strip is to make sure you get out into the world once in a while — especially in this industry.

A lot of changes are happening on a constant basis.

The updated focus of this blog going forward is to start reminding myself and you that it is VERY important to have tough conversations.

Get out there and start.

Maybe it is just with the person sitting next to you….

Or… Maybe we can meet face to face — contact me if you are interested!

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