Scrum and Organizational Change Management

Scrum and Organizational Change Management

Welcome back to yet another week at

And yeah, it’s been a long hiatus from my contributions to this site (by the way… for those of you who do not know… my name is Michael Vizdos and I am solely responsible for all content on this blog… it is not a huge corporate entity or machine — it is a way for the two of us to communicate).

So much has changed since starting this site in 2006.  Life — both personal and professional — has changed in many ways for me.

What about you?

In trying to figure out how to get things restarted here, I thought this would be an appropriate comic strip (originally posted as years ago).

See… in all the traveling and working (on personal and professional stuff over the past few years)… I have learned that the stuff I write about and post on this site IS important and DOES have an impact.


I stopped paddling.  Stopped posting.  And kept watching — in amazement and awe — how this site kept growing and growing without me doing anything.

Yikes.  I need to step up and start contributing once again.

Much of the “work work” I do today involves training (still — but not as much as the past!) the Certified ScrumMaster Workshop.  It is an aweome experience — described as *life changing* by many attendees and has evolved dramatically.

The major shift of this training workshop is because I am seeing that most people in the industry today seem “OK” with Scrum being almost ho-hum-bla-bla-bla (well… maybe except for Jeff Sutherland, who continues to kick my ass to up my game [and probably does not know he has this impact on me]).

Scrum involves a lot of work.

This is where I am spending most of my time with work today — facilitating teams that are having a hard time with keeping the paddle moving against this never-ending tide of change resistance.

Fun stuff for me.

It is failing all over the place now… and there are a lot of blog entries dedicated to writing and discussing this.

Me… I want to focus on the positive.

And the tough stuff.

Professionally I am now at a point where I can — and DO — select my clients (as much as they select me for whatever reasons [which I am extremely grateful for!].


I am really now only selecting to work with people who WANT to be successful with using Scrum — and the other agile techniques that are also required for a successful organizational change to occur.

It takes time.

It does not happen overnight.

I am proof of that (smile).

So… Here I go again.

I’ve looked at myself and have seen and recognized that I “stopped paddling” and well… it had a lot of consequences (both good and bad).

My choice now with this site is to start paddling again and keep pushing things forward.

It starts with you and me.  Just two people.  We are all that matters to get things going together.

Are you ready to start again with me?

I’ll ask for feedback continually… much like a great ScrumMaster needs to do.

Time to get back in the boat.

Here we go!


  1. I just became a ScrumMaster at my new job, and I’m loving it. I’ve been working in Scrum for a while, and I’m constantly learning more about it. I stumbled upon your blog a while ago, and I have to be honest – I love the cartoons! Also, I really like your content, and I’m glad to see you’re planning on posting more again! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Good luck with your role at the new job. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me anytime with questions. Also, if you (or anyone!) has ideas for postings and new content, PLEASE let me know. This place is for *you* and not just for me to rant :).

  3. I am a ScrumMaster and about to USE Scrum to re-engineer a failed software project for a Liquefied Natural Gas Company. This will be my first real deployment of Scrum. Boy!! I am looking forward to this!!!

  4. I have changed job and I am now scrum master in a small new team who really tries hard to get things right. It’s been 5 months now, and your post is great reminder that we need to keep paddling.
    Keep it coming. I will read you with great enthusiasm, and so will many others.

  5. Good luck… let me know if you have any questions as you start your first deployment of Scrum!

  6. I have to remind myself of this *daily* in whatever I do. Remember though sometimes you need to take a break and let others paddle for/with you. Look for that support!

  7. Mike! You’re back! Hurray. :) More cartoons.

    Hey not related but have you ever noticed in a bottom up the team members are like “OMG I Have impediments, help me!” and in top down the teams are like “What impediments? everything is fine here” :) :) or is it just me?

  8. Sorry double post but so wouldn’t it be cool to see a cartoon with a pig carrying a whole bunch of weight (grand piano or something impossible) and he says “So yesterday i carried this piano and today i’m still carrying it” and another pig or scrum master says “what, no impediments?”

    pig says “nope, i’m good. Thanks”

    or “what do you think i suck at my job, it’s just a piano”



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