Social Networking and Scrum. Part Two.

So many changes, yet so many things still stay the same.

With Scrum, and Scrum Teams, similar things can also be said.

Take for instance this blog posting about Scrum and Social Networking.

Over three years ago, the social networking thing was just catching on.

Five years ago, twitter did not exist (or about a dozen people were using it).  Facebook is now a huge.  LinkedIn has gone public.  Plaxo.. well… um… I am not even sure this is running anymore (for me at least).

This is one of the first postings from me you have seen in a while on


Well… as technology has changed so have my habits of communicating information (and maybe yours?).

My habits today include posting things on my personal FaceBook Page; however, like a lot of you who mix business and personal stuff… things got out of control (again… perhaps this has happened to you?).  I recently created a new FaceBook Page for me as “VizdosEnterprises”  – this clean-up has helped me keep my friends as friends and now people who are really connected to me as a company well, as a professional.  You can follow my future world travels there.  It’s how we communicate today, so please feel free to “like” it!

I am on twitter a lot as mvizdos and tweeting lots of random information.  Eventually I may separate out that to business stuff too.  But I also know that twitter is for small stuff that is at the moment.  And it comes from “me” still (smile).  On that note… I’ll remind you of the power of Twitter and relationships some time in the future.

LinkedIn is powerful — I am still not utilizing it enough.

Which brings us back to this blog.  It has been around for almost five years and has gone through many iterations and changes.

The fact remains that people love the cartoons (or hate them… and that’s OK with me too).

They are making a difference.


I will continue to examine some of the older comic strips on this site and re-write some new ideas on the topics.  Maybe even create some new ones (smile).  I’d also invite you to let me know if you want to write a guest posting.

You are a member of a worldwide group of people who really care about making a difference.

Let’s continue doing that.

So… you’ll see me in social media and you’ll start seeing more postings here with the comic strips.

Because that what this site is about.

Comic strips about Scrum and starting difficult conversations.  Like this one… may not seem difficult to you (or important), but I thought it would be good to get stuff into the open with you.

Let’s see where we go from here.

Until then, enjoy this comic strip.


Think about how all these changes can be applied in your Scrum world today?


  1. ” Facebook is now surpassing Google globally in searches …” – citation required :-)

  2. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for pointing this out. I had read some data over the past years that have said different things. So I changed the wording of that initial statement.

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