ScrumMasters – Feel Like Giving Up Sometimes? -- Cartoon -- April 21, 2008

Welcome to 2012.

Here we are.  Another year to look forward to.

Another year to look back on.

Looking back on 2011 for the blog at, I did not publish a lot of information.  However, an interesting thing continues to occur — people viewing the content (some of it now almost five years old) and subscribing to the updates has increased dramatically.


Looking forward to 2012, here is my commitment to you, a valued member of this community (THANK YOU) so much.

I’ll take it up a notch and start paddling again.

Like any great ScrumMaster or Agile Coach, I have to keep at it with this blog because there is so much information we all still need to share.

That’s my commitment for 2012.  You’ll be hearing from me at least on a weekly basis with new cartoons (or at least new commentaries from me!) and updates on my latest and greatest stuff.

What’s yours?

Are you going to start paddling again?

Good luck.  Commit here if you’d like, and let’s see where we go this year together.

Thank you!

- mike vizdos (Follow me on twitter @mvizdos and Facebook)

PS – You may remember this original comic strip from 2008 (wow time flies), it is located at: 


  1. Mike, we’re looking forward to hearing from you. I know that it takes far more than just the time to type a blog post. With your travels, I’m sure it will be a challenge. Here are some thoughts on topics for possible posts, as I would value your opinion on them

    - Your perspective on the new CSP requirements
    - Your perspective on the PMI-ACP credential
    - Your perspective on credential, in general
    - Scaling agile to very large initiatives
    - Scrum anti-patterns
    - Scrum for non-IT projects

    I’m hoping that others will add a few topics. If so, those topics and the tangents that result should keep your blog in the forefront and may even give you ideas for new cartoons.

  2. Rich,

    Thanks for the topic ideas. Hope 2012 will be the best for everyone!



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