Change. One Person at a Time. Starting with You.

It’s been a while since I have written a blog posting and I am currently spending a lot of time on Twitter and FaceBook.

Is blogging “dead”?

I don’t think it is, but is is very different way to communicate with people on a large scale.

Or is it?

Here I can publish as much (or as little) as I want with no limitations of 140 characters and stay very focused on Scrum and implementing this change in organizations.

And this scares me.

I travel a lot and work with so many incredible people around the world.


People I have never met “follow” me in various places and for some reason follow what I write (and either love me or hate me, and I am OK with that).  I love sharing my experiences with you.  Right or wrong, they are my experiences and I know sharing them helps some people (and pisses off others).

When I look at the sheer number of people who have been impacted by this blog and our little comic strips in the past, it almost overwhelms me.

OK.  That’s bullshit.  It does overwhelm me.

Then, I am reminded.

I am not writing “for the masses”.

I am writing for you.

Or more specifically… TO you.


One person.  An individual.  Not dozens, or hundreds, or thousands, or more (eek).

One person.


I enjoy the style of me almost being able to “sit down” and have a conversation with you, imagining your responses to what I convey here and taking you down a windy road together with me — and there usually is something to think about when I end the posting.  It’s not for everyone, but this is an important medium for me to be able to do this with you.

I am also being reminded that change cannot happen in an organization overnight.

It has to happen starting with one person.


Or… for me to take more responsibility… I have to accept change in me.

Stop trying to change the world.

Or your organization.

Or your team.

Focus on you.

The rest will follow.

Good luck!

Now… what can we do together as the next step?

Not “everyone.”

You.  And me.



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