Amping things up post-Scrum

Getting out of the Tardis and back into “posting” here on a regular basis is going to be like getting back on a bike after a long hiatus.  I may fall and skin a knee sometimes; heck, I may even break a limb… but I promise nobody is going to die on this trip.

Sit back and enjoy and engage here when possible.

In my last posting I received many many encouraging comments (thank you!) and some that caused me to pause in some of my thinking about this whole blogging thing.  It seems so very 2012 and earlier (remember this blog has been around since 2006 and contains a TON of content — some crap and some jewels).

Zooming into 2014 and I am spending a lot of time out on Twitter and with my business out of Facebook because for me this is more engaging and real-time (well… face-to-face rocks but I am not able to be everywhere at once).  Google+ also seems to be an interesting place.

Apparently people still read blogs (eh hem, YOU are and I sincerely want to thank you).  So… I promise to answer each and every comment here (the valid non-spam ones!) and engage with you and others here.  It’s another way.  It seems sort of one-way to me so let’s see how it goes.

While I stated in my last post that I’ve been “dark” — it does not mean I have not been working (and enjoying it immensely).  I’ll share some of the current stories and travel stories and, more importantly… I will ASK FOR YOU HELP.

Asking for help is something I TOTALLY SUCK AT DOING.  I don’t think I am alone at that.

Scrum specifically helps individuals, teams, programs, portfolios and organizations show you where the dysfunctions ARE TODAY.

And.  As humans, we learn to live with these dysfunctions and they become the normal noise in life.

This noise can be obvious to people looking from the outside.  People like me.  And.  You.

Here is what I am becoming more and more aware of on a daily basis:

Use Scrum to expose the problems (like the comic strip above with references to Spinal Tap in an old posting here).


Instead of just treating it like noise… listen to it.

Do ONE thing to make a change.

Who needs to do this?


Own it.


Ask for help to solve it.

Stop with the idea that, “I’ve got this Mike” — because I will call bullshit on you my friend (well — if we have not met yet we are still virtual friends).


In my travels lately I have been really focusing on two messages — #DELIVER and SLOW DOWN.

People.  We still suck at Agile (and Scrum) at the individual and team levels.


Now the rage is scaling agile (and Scrum).

This is not a new thing kiddos (or old people here #getoffmydamnlawn).

My experience is something to learn from — scaling the RUP (Rational Unified Process) from the team level to the Enterprise with the EUP (Enterprise Unified Process) [circa 2005 and earlier].

Is that experience applicable for all situations?  Of course not; however, perhaps the next post will focus on what all the new “Silver Bullet” scaling methods, frameworks, and processes look like in 2014 (and what’s coming — because there is always something coming!).

There are patterns that work well.  This is “noise” we need to examine a bit more and we will do that here together.

Blogging — it’s a chance for me to share experiences.

And.  I will (wahoo right?!!?).

Until the next posting, let me know how you are doing with exposing things using Scrum – and how that experience is like turning up the amplifier to eleven all the time.


Ask SOMEONE for help.

I am going to do that shortly too (because as it has been pointed out — I cannot be a “one man show” on this journey).





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