Holy CRAP I have to do THIS ?!?!

www.implementingscrum.com -- Scrum Cartoon -- Original: July 23, 2007

Certified Scrum Training – Debunking the BullShit

Implementing Scrum -  Certified Scrum Training - Debunking the BullShit

Scrum Alliance: New CST Process Decision coming Soon…

Hi, Many people continue to ask me, “What does it take to become a CST (Certified Scrum Trainer)?” I have been a CST for many years now and have had the incredible opportunity to travel the world, meet awesome new people, and help train (and mentor) new people in the possibilities of what Scrum can […]

IOU Another Cartoon… I Know… I Know….

Hey all. First, let me apologize for not getting the latest comic strip to you. As I write this, I am reflecting on the past week (plus) where I traveled to London, did a free talk as soon as I landed, facilitated my first [awesome] CSM class in London, hopped back on a plane to […]

ImplementingScrum – Product Backlog / Updates / Requests

Hi all, [warning — a little bit long — over 802.13453223 words — sorry] This week has been instrumental in helping me get some great clarity of where I am taking the site in the future.  Some people I know missed my original posting earlier this week — so if you did not read them […]

Free Training from Mike Vizdos and Other CSTs

This is an explosive new post where I  (Michael Vizdos) in conjunction with some other Certified Scrum Trainers  — will RELEASE ALL our material into public domain (under creative commons) so that anyone can use what we have developed over the years. Is this selfish of us doing this? We will promise that you will […]

Alistair Cockburn and Ken Schwaber: Scrum Gathering Monday Afternoon

Hi all, Hope this is helpful for those who both attended and are reading this from afar // after… I sat in on a discussion between Alistair Cockburn and Ken Schwaber at the Scrum Gathering in Orlando today (March 16, 2009). It was basically a summary of what Alistair learned while co-teaching a CSM course […]

Scrum: Scrum Gathering – Orlando, Florida 2009

Hi all, So last week I spent in Santa Clara, California, learning from some of my mentors and friends and co-workers in the agile industry and beyond.  Wow.  It was an incredible experience and I was fortunate enough to be able to also present a few different sessions there. Yes, you have noticed as I […]

January 5, 2009. The Day Scrum….

…. umm.  Gotta think of the right word. How about this. I am working with some other Scrum Trainers right now in preparing something that is so mind-blowing in our community that well, the repricussions may be felt around our little universe. Really. It is THAT big. Our Sprint One on the project we are […]

Animal Farm. Reading After High School. Real Life?

www.implementingscrum.com -- Cartoon -- November 10, 2008

Wow. Comic Strip Coming TOMORROW Night!

Hi all. I know.  I know.  It’s hard to believe. After a long hiatus, Tony and I are back and committed to weekly releases of comic strips once again.  Since literally blowing past our two-year birthday, we love to see our “original” members from the beginning hanging in there and all the “new” people joining […]

Where Do CSM Certificates Go To Die? Before August, 2006…

www.implementingscrum.com -- Cartoon -- September 30, 2008

San Diego. Part Duex.

I have a place for the public class next week. Wahoo. Pls contact me directly if you’d like me to work with your team on Wednesday next week! Also… Cartoons restarting SOON.

San Diego

Hi all. This week I am doing a quick hop from Richmond to Seattle. I am headed to San Diego next week and I need a place to host a class on Monday and Tuesday. If u have a room available please contact me directly offline from here asap. I’ll be speaking at the users […]

Phun With Pigs in Phoenix. Met REAL Pigs. Or Hogs. Or Something.

Good evening from Phoenix, Arizona. The temperature this evening is down to a cool 98 degrees (it was up over 110 today).  Either way you look at it hot = hot.  But I do love this town.  Wow.  What great people.  And great Pigs. Or Hogs. See.  I walked down my hall this morning to […]

From Vancouver to Phoenix. Still -3 Hour Time Difference from Home.

Hiya, Wow what a day. What a week. I finished up Day Two of the Vancouver CSM class yesterday. And wow… the changes that I see coming to Vancouver just based on the people leaving that class. Awesome people. Today I played the plane game and landed in Phoenix tonight. 108 degrees when I landed. […]

Got “Special Treatment” at the Canadian Border. Eh?!

Good evening all. Fear not, our “regular” comic strips will be continuing soon at the site. Tony (our artist) is taking some well-earned downtime with his family and if anything, Dominic (my son) will get us something to fill in next week. So this week I am in Vancouver for a few days. I travel […]

Idaho. Potatoes or Potatos?

… yeah, I know the difference (smile). Hey. I’ll be in Boise next week for a public class (July 8-9, 2008). As usual, I can offer a discount to any readers here — to see the dates and register check out www.michaelvizdos.com/enroll. And. As usual, I will also offer up time to hang out if […]

Thirty New CSMs in Gods Waiting Room!

Hi, Need to explain the title first (smile). I grew up in Boca Raton, Florida, and for those of you who know the area will concede that a LOT of very very old ancient people live there; the same holds through for Tampa. During the winter, these people are called “SnowBirds”; during the rest of […]

Wednesday Night: Tampa, Florida

Hi, Well, I landed this evening to my home State of Florida — still a five hour drive across the state to get to where I grew up, so that will not happen this trip. But. Tonight I was lucky enough to meet my ex-next-door-neighbor (his name is Ed) from when we were kids. The […]

Tampa CSM Class Sold Out – Join us for BEER?

Hi, Although the Tampa CSM class has been sold out this coming week, if you are interested in meeting us for beer Thursday evening I’ll post the location as an update later this week. Looking forward to an awesome class down there this week. My next public CSM class is in Irvine, California on June […]

Tattoo. Not Toto (Wizard of Oz). Still Scrum. Shaken. Not Stirred.

www.implementingscrum.com -- Cartoon -- May 29, 2008

Mike in Kentucky next week!

Join me for a workshop or a beer (whatever works for you). More information on www.michaelvizdos.com. Thank you! – mike www.implementingscrum.com

Boston Next Week!

Hi, Just wanted to let you know I will be in Boston teaching a CSM Class next week in Boston. If you are interested, please contact me offline! I may also be available for a pub run on Wednesday evening too (smile). Thank you. – mike vizdos www.michaelvizdos.com www.implementingscrum.com

Keeping it Simple. Please Hold.

OK. I am overwhelmed right now. So I am going to admit I am human (smile) and will post a new cartoon next week. The good news is I have had a GREAT week working with teams and learning tons. About a lot of things. My apologies. – mike vizdos