11 Tips for a Successful Scrum Implementation

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Enterprise Scrum: Ignore THIS Advice and Fail

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“Strange things are afoot at the Circle-K” –> Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989)

Hi all. Well I have done quite a bit of traveling around this great planet of ours, and a lot of time spent in the clouds (thinking of course while I fly to destinations afar). So, tomorrow you are going to see something that I did not think I’d ever see. We’ll start with the […]

KISS. Keep IT Simple Stupid.

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Development is Ready. What about Production and Support?

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ImplementingScrum Forum: Velocity

Hi, Thanks for the positive feedback I have received so far on the idea for this week. It is good to hear and see that people are interested and some are learning about the forum for the first time! One of the most viewed threads on this forum is called, “Understanding Velocity“. It has some […]

The Food Factor. Another Metric.

Scrum - A cartoon about keeping the team happy with food.  Not necessarily with good food.   Visit implementingscrum.com for more cartoons about Scrum.