Agile 2010 – Getting the MOST Value -- Cartoon -- March 3, 2008

Where are the Comic Strips from Implementing Scrum?

Hi. Eesh. Time really does fly, huh? First, I’d like to welcome all the new subscribers to the blog in the past six weeks — thank you. And of course, thanks to the “old” followers too. You all ROCK. I have been doing a lot of work lately around the world — both in training […]

Scrum Alliance: New CST Process Decision coming Soon…

Hi, Many people continue to ask me, “What does it take to become a CST (Certified Scrum Trainer)?” I have been a CST for many years now and have had the incredible opportunity to travel the world, meet awesome new people, and help train (and mentor) new people in the possibilities of what Scrum can […]

New Scrum Cartoon Coming Out This Week!

After almost a year of no new cartoons, this next one will be released this week. You’ll be blown away!

What do YOU want to know about India IT and Scrum?

Hi. In case you did not hear, I am currently in India working with offshore teams here through the end of the month. I have worked with many offshore teams (from Costa Rica to Kyiv and Moscow and other places around the world) and I have been trying to get on-site in India for years. […]

Hello from India… And…

Hi. Sorry I went “dark” here for a week. Eeek… I am in India through the end of this month (and yeah.. I’ll blog about the experience so far WOW!). Just wanted to let you know I am getting great comments about the latest Scrum Challenge #2 regarding “An Awesome Product Owner on a Scrum […]

Random Thought Scrum Challenge – #2

Hi. Wow, the responses last week from my first “Random Thought Scrum Challenge” were awesome. Thank you for all who participated. Let’s try another one for the week. Same rules: You’ll have just about 24 hours to respond, so please post this on twitter and anywhere else (your own blog?) where you think interest may […]

Scrum = Scrum (It Still Is) – Guest Post By Alan Dayley -- Cartoon -- August 6, 2007

March Madness Begins: Gulp. One word: India!

Hi all. Update for the week: I’ll be posting a guest entry tomorrow night that is a pretty different point of view I originally took on a comic strip I did a while ago. It is from someone I have been coaching (and being coached right back at) for over a few years now. This […]

Scrum Challenge #1 OVER: Scrum is…

Hi all, Yesterday I thought I’d try something different and opened a “Scrum Challenge” with an open ended statement, “Scrum is…” Wow, did you respond. Many comments came in connected to the blog entry (you can see the originals up to the date of writing this entry; however, I know there will be more! Others […]

Random Thought Scrum Challenge – #1

Hi, I am gathering some great guest postings and am starting to queue up some new cartoons about Scrum (yeah!!!!). You’ll start seeing them in your email and/or on your RSS feeds soon (remember e-mail subscribers get some really cool freebies and other “inside information”). I want to try something tonight, and I want you […]

2010 – ImplementingScrum and a New Year…

Hi. I’d like to welcome my new subscribers and the ones that have been with me for years. Years. Wow. This little blog with cartoons started back in 2006 and I continue to see strong readership. For that, I thank you. During this time, we have all grown both professionally and personally; hopefully for the […]

Five reasons for Mike not posting for the past few months….

Hi, I sincerely apologize for not posting a lot of new information each week (like I used to do — with new comic strips and very useful write-ups). Here are the top five impediments for me, and as I break through them the consistency of this site will pick up once again….. 1) Family.  My […]

We are so close….

… tell me WHAT will make this experience with the team at an awesome and incredible experience for year #4 in our existence. Tell me. Who else will? Thank you. – mike Vizdos

We are approaching Anniversary #3 with

… please… do me a favor TODAY — NOW — and spread the word about this site to all your friends on twitter, facebook, or within your organization. We have some great things happening in year #4 and I want as many people as possible to take off with me — and you — on […]

So we are getting close to Year #3 closure with the Site —

Easy Question. What have we all done (me — and you) over the past three years that we can amp up for year #4 of the most awesome site about Scrum on the planet. Please let me know via comments or email directly. Thank you. – mike Vizdos

What is your favorite cartoon on the site – and why?

Hi, By time you read this I am probably off the grid. I’d like your feedback — sincere feedback — as to what your favorite cartoon has been to date — and why. Please direct comments or emails to me about your feedback. I appreciate it. And. I am hopefully off the grid with my […]

Beginning of September, 2009….

Hi all. Just wanted to let you know I am on the road most of the month of September… check out for what is coming. If you know people looking for a class, check out that site. If you want to just get together when I am in town… let me know. I am […]

Early August Update:

Hi all, Thanks to all my new subscribers and for all my existing subscribers for helping me pass the word out on this site.  I have been heads down lately with client work, and I am now in the process of creating a new pipeline of cartoons with Tony for some upcoming series. I was […]

Question: What do YOU need from

Hi all. I have a lot of assumptions about what people need from this site ( and the community we have been building here over the years. As you know, I love doing what I do here…. Here is what I also know… I sometimes make an ASS out of U and ME by making […]

IOU Another Cartoon… I Know… I Know….

Hey all. First, let me apologize for not getting the latest comic strip to you. As I write this, I am reflecting on the past week (plus) where I traveled to London, did a free talk as soon as I landed, facilitated my first [awesome] CSM class in London, hopped back on a plane to […]

July at – Updates

Hi all, Quick update on life in my world… Welcome all new subscribers (via email and RSS).  I like to try and update everyone at least once-a-month so you know where I will be and where we can meet! I am on my way to London in a few hours and will be facilitating a […]

Let’s make the ultimate hook-up THIS WEEK!

Hi, Last week I spent a lot of time on improving my own skills… so we’ll see how that plays out in the future! I have been talking about connecting people looking for Scrum Jobs with REAL people who have Scrum Job Openings in their Organization. Over the past few weeks I have been silently […]

Let’s Chat about Scrum – Open Mic – Round #2

Hi all. The chat test today during the two hour-long sessions was a success. I learned many things, and, as all things we do with Scrum the next iteration will be even better. I can go into the retrospective we had — but suffice it to say that there were enough in the “cons” section […]

Let’s Chat about Scrum – Open Mic – Round #1

Hi all, I want to try a new service so if you have time Thursday, June 11, 2009, to try this with me — I will be online from 10:00AM – 11:00AM and then 2:00PM – 3:00PM (Both are in Eastern Time (GMT-4) – I am currently in Richmond, Virginia, USA). It is an interactive […]