11 Tips for a Successful Scrum Implementation

www.implementingscrum.com -- Cartoon -- Scrum - Up the Creek without a Paddle

Feedback & NVC. Focus. #deliver

www.implementingscrum.com -- Cartoon -- February 9, 2105 [ July 30, 2007]

Scrum. Difficult Conversations. Start with Prioritization.

www.implementingscrum.com -- Cartoon -- Scrum. Start with Prioritization as a Difficult conversation

Mainstream Agile and Scrum in Software Development Projects Today

Mainstream Agile and Scrum in Software Development Projects Today

Change. One Person at a Time. Starting with You.

It’s been a while since I have written a blog posting and I am currently spending a lot of time on Twitter and FaceBook. Is blogging “dead”? I don’t think it is, but is is very different way to communicate with people on a large scale. Or is it? Here I can publish as much […]

Modifying Scrum – You THINK you know better…

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Scrum – Planning. It’s Important. And misunderstood. YOU HAVE TO PLAN!

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ScrumMasters – Feel Like Giving Up Sometimes?

www.implementingscrum.com -- Cartoon -- Scrum - Up the Creek without a Paddle

Certified Scrum Training – Debunking the BullShit

Implementing Scrum -  Certified Scrum Training - Debunking the BullShit

Scrum and Organizational Change Management

Scrum and Organizational Change Management

Here is my next request….

… in order to help *everyone* in our community, I’d like to ask for the following people to please contact me off-line from the blog: 1) If you are currently looking for a Scrum type job.  What role?  What experience level?  Tell me what you can about *you* and *your needs*. 2) If you are […]

ImplementingScrum – UnScripted – Confusing Daily Scrums

www.implementingscrum.com -- UnScripted -- February 10, 2009

Scrum: Coach. Consultant. Mentor. Super-Hero…

www.implementingscrum.com -- Cartoon -- February 04, 2009

Consultants and Scrum. Worry?

Hi all, Wow.  I was going to post the comic strip tonight but wanted to wait just one more day because a few interesting things went on today… I got a TON of feedback from people on both sides of the fence on this one. Now, as a consultant/coach/mentor myself, I do not want to […]

Why Use Consultants and Coaches?

Hi all, The cartoon this week (coming out tomorrow) will examine why the heck almost 100% of the teams implementing scrum today should be using some sort of consulting / coaching / mentoring support. Of course this is written from the point of view of me — who in reality is a consultant, coach, and […]

ImplementingScrum – UnScripted – Australia Users Groups

www.implementingscrum.com -- UnScripted -- January 21, 2009

Road Trip with a Twist – Day Zero

Hi all, Well.  It looks like my eight year old son and myself are headed on a roadtrip to end all roadtrips (at least for this year).  We need to head out to San Diego from Richmond, Virginia, in order to do some work on a rental house we own.  He is going to help […]

After Christmas… Unique Opportunity for those who are Listening…

Hi all, Thanks for the comments so far on my latest twitter posting announcement (see previous post).  There is a reason.  Really lol. Well.  It looks like right after Christmas I will be out in San Diego for a little while.  I am not really sure yet what a “little while” looks like, but in […]

Getting 27 Hours in a Day. THE SECRET!

Hi all, And welcome to a new week at www.implementingscrum.com; albeit to most Americans living in the USA it will be a short week here (July 4th is still July 4th everywhere else in the world!). I need to do some quick research on the French connection since I got some comic strips translated recently […]

Tattoo. Not Toto (Wizard of Oz). Still Scrum. Shaken. Not Stirred.

www.implementingscrum.com -- Cartoon -- May 29, 2008

Scrum. In The Dark.

www.implementingscrum.com -- Cartoon -- May 20, 2008

KISS. Keep IT Simple Stupid.

www.implementingscrum.com -- Cartoon -- May 6, 2008

Keeping it Simple. Part One. Sans Comic.

Hi all. The topic this week is about keeping things simple. And picking one thing at a time and doing it well. Very well. Tonight I am writing a little bit about it. Let’s see if I can actually get the comic strip up tomorrow (when I make my drive over to Portland, Maine). You’ll […]

Never Talk to Strangers.

www.implementingscrum.com -- Cartoon -- April 15, 2008

The ScrumMaster. Returns. Again.

www.implementingscrum.com -- Cartoon -- April 8, 2008