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Scrum – For The People! Zurich Switzerland.

Holy cow…. Just confirmed that I will be teaching a course in Zurich (Switzerland for the geo-challenged) on April 16-17, 2009. It will be an affordable European CSM class in a very unique setting with limited access. Let me know if you are interested… I may not even publicly say where it is located (it […]

Scrum: Coach. Consultant. Mentor. Super-Hero…

www.implementingscrum.com -- Cartoon -- February 04, 2009

Richmond, Virgina CSM Class — A FEW Open Seats

Hi, Lyssa Adkins and I are co-facilitating a Certified ScrumMaster class in Richmond this coming Monday and Tuesday (January 26-27, 2009). If you are interested in seeing us in action, and learning a LOT (us included!) please visit www.michaelvizdos.com/enroll to sign up. Thank you. – mike vizdos

January 5, 2009. The Day Scrum….

…. umm.  Gotta think of the right word. How about this. I am working with some other Scrum Trainers right now in preparing something that is so mind-blowing in our community that well, the repricussions may be felt around our little universe. Really. It is THAT big. Our Sprint One on the project we are […]

Tomorrow. A Mind-Blowing Post. Game Changing. Stay Tuned.

Hi, Dunno what else to say the describes the title of this blog entry any better. Tomorrow. Stay with me. Please. Thank you! – mike vizdos www.michaelvizdos.com www.implementingscrum.com p.s. And remember… If you or your friends [or enemies] have not signed up for FREE updates to this blog, please Subscribe to Implementing Scrum via Email!

Tattoo. Not Toto (Wizard of Oz). Still Scrum. Shaken. Not Stirred.

www.implementingscrum.com -- Cartoon -- May 29, 2008

A Good Week So Far. CSM and Agile Project Management — “Done.”

Hi all, After leaving town on Sunday late afternoon I arrive in Atlanta (yeah… it was not a hub for me… an actual destination!) and hopped on the MARTA (their train system) to one of the outward bound stations; I arrived around 9:00 PM. Spent the night in a decent Holiday Inn Express (non-smoking, thank […]

CSM Class. Richmond, Virginia (USA). January 30-31, 2008.

Hi all. Wow. Looks like next week will wind up a little different than I anticipated (smile). Inspect and adapt. How so very agile of me! I wanted to let you know I *just* got contracted to do a Certified ScrumMaster Workshop in Richmond, Virginia (my home town right now!). It will be on Wednesday […]

Interested in Paris – CSM Class?

Hi all, At the end of this month a friend of mine (another CST who I co-train with regularly) is hosting a public Certified ScrumMaster Course in Paris, France. The course will be conducted in French on January 28-29, 2008. If you are interested in attending the course, please contact me and I will get […]

The Blind Leading The Blind.

Welcome back to another week at www.implementingscrum.com. Welcome back! This is an exercise that has evolved over the years of me teaching the Certified ScrumMaster Workshop (by myself and with others). First let me explain the “idea” behind this cartoon (smile). I recently spent some time back down in Boca Raton to see my parents […]

Why are ManHole Covers Round?

www.implementingscrum.com -- Cartoon -- November 19, 2007