Focus. #deliver

What is Scrum?

Scrum is a collection of techniques you can use to prioritize the most important stuff and then get it DONE.

Scrum Cartoon
What is Scrum?

We examine answers to this question using comic strips about a Chicken and Pig.

Imagine what’s possible by you — and the entire team — only delivering the most important things on a consistent basis (even when life is constantly throwing new things at you).

Not just promises.  Actually delivering.  With integrity and transparency.

Don’t accept mediocrity.  This is possible.

Scrum is a simple framework, however, it’s not easy to implement scrum in the real world because — as human beings — we can rationalize anything (even if the entire organizational system is in total chaos!).

You, your Scrum Team (ScrumMaster, Development Team Members & Product Owner) and project stakeholders must remember this simple concept: You must prioritize the work and everything cannot be “priority one.”

While much of this site focuses on an agile software development framework called Scrum, please remember Scrum is all about people and not technology based solutions.

Think about how these concepts can apply in your own life today.

Why this Site about Implementing Scrum?

We focus on answering the question, “What is Scrum?” for you.

There are many great sites about Scrum and Agile Software Development ( get your FREE download to a narrated English version of the Scrum Guide here).  This site has been around for almost ten years and the comic strips are still pretty popular. Why? We help you connect the dots between theory and reality when using Scrum in the real world.

Search the site and look around for answers regarding, “How can I use Scrum in the real world?”

If you want to use these comic strips about Scrum in your presentations, include one on your website, or even publish one in an upcoming book, please contact us.

This site — like Scrum — continues to evolve.

Focus. #deliver

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