Implementing Scrum in the Real World

Scrum.  What is it?

Scrum is a collection of techniques to prioritize, focus and deliver your most important work. -- Cartoon -- Implementing Scrum in the Real World
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Scrum has its roots in agile software and product development.  Today it’s being used at startups, large enterprises, non-profits, educational institutions and within international governments.

This site is the home of the Official Scrum Cartoons, Blog, and other Community Resources by Implementing Scrum.

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What Next?

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  • STARTING          Introduce yourself to the basic concepts of Agile Scrum
  • PRACTICING     Become an effective Agile Scrum Team Member
  • COACHING         Up your game as an amazing internal or external Agile Scrum Coach
  • LEADING            Transition to an exceptional Agile Leader within your organization.

Scrum means different things to different people.  Your understanding of this depends on where you are on your journey of learning about this technique.

No matter where you “are” today (from a beginner to a seasoned expert) you can always learn more.  Do this with a community of people dedicated to changing the world together.

This journey requires Starting, Practicing, Coaching and Leading.  You will always be doing these things — in different and possibly new ways — when Implementing Scrum in your world.

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